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Avastory Part I: Bigger Ship

This article is about my journey. My perspective.

One year ago, two friends and I built a little raft we named Avara. I wanted this to go far with this baby. To reach the top. To give benefits for those around. They also had their own motivation.

We started sailing.

Several months later, the ocean was visible. We decided to develop a product to improve lives on islands in our nation. In the same time, one of us jump out of the ship. So the two of us continued sailing the sea. Things were great. All was great. The thing was real, and still is. The islands were visible, approachable, and docked-able. And still are. We were able to sail really well, without any pile of golds up front. We collected it while sailing. Amazing to the max.

After succeeding in one island, I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more islands. I wanted more success. There was still rooms for product and team improvements. And the sea was blue. And still is. Too many islands to get for the two of us. He focused on developing the engine, while I helped him on it and also building the ship. And finding the islands. And navigating. And stirring the wheel. And looking for the fishes. And trying to catch them. And doing the kitchen stuffs. And getting betrayed. And this. And that.

Oh, I was so overwhelmed. So overloaded.

Then he came up on the idea to get a fisherman on board. His friend, and the reputation was quite good. I also came up on the idea to get someone else to help me lift the weight. We agreed on that. So we needed a bigger ship.

Then we get the ship. Bigger. Better. It has rooms for 10. We were four. And it’s worth all of our gold.

Then we continued sailing with two new crews.

To be continued..


The Formation

This article was posted at September 6, 2015 on Avara official blog.

Several months ago, my senior came to our basecamp and asked:

“Who’s leading and what’s the formation of your team?”

Then we saw each other’s face in three seconds and laughed. We never really talked about the roles, when other startups discussed about who will become the CEO, CTO, and C(you say)O. Yes, it is important. But why we didn’t talk about it?*


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