Writing Challenge?

Writing is good. It helps us train our process of thinking to be more systematic. It will make us a better communicator verbally. And for people who English is not their mother language like me, it helps enriching our vocabulary. So why not I give myself a challenge to write about one article per day?

Thematic Writing

It will be great to have a theme each day. At least it will be easier to find something to write. I am a kind of person that find it really hard to find the perfect topic. But actually perfection is not important. What is more important is the process of writing itself, right?


It’s good to start the week with some plans. So I will write my plans or future thoughts on Monday.


For the second day, I will write technology-related post. Or some science.


Let’s open our eyes to see the world around us. News, fun facts, reviews, or anything will be great.


I am usually very busy on Thursday. So, how about a day off?


Spiritual things will be great to end the working week. I will be writing about history, life, religion, and great people from the past who inspire me a lot.


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