The Formation

This article was posted at September 6, 2015 on Avara official blog.

Several months ago, my senior came to our basecamp and asked:

“Who’s leading and what’s the formation of your team?”

Then we saw each other’s face in three seconds and laughed. We never really talked about the roles, when other startups discussed about who will become the CEO, CTO, and C(you say)O. Yes, it is important. But why we didn’t talk about it?*


Each of us has different specialities. The good news is they are both disjoint and unique. For example, Mahdan are the coding superhero. He can do virtually everything from front-end development, back-end development (PHP, Java, JavaScript, err.. anything), database (MySQL or NoSQL? No problem), even setting-up servers. Farrell can do system analysis, technical documentations, and being funny. He’s also got that potential to be someone who will be spearheading the company to deal with clients. Where I.. Um.. Maybe a little bit of anything else outside their specialities and a little bit of theirs.

Because of that, we often have different roles in different projects. Or even changing roles when working on a project. I feel this is a good team dynamic. Sometimes (read: all the time) startup works are very demanding. It is making us work all-day and all-night. I often found myself wake up beside my laptop – that means I slept when I was working.

After realizing that, I just opened my laptop and started working again – continuing where I left off. When the workload is high, sometimes we (read: I) need assistance.
When I’m coding, I need Farrell to help maintaining communications with the clients. When Mahdan’s workload is high, I tried to help him. When Farrell can’t do his work, well, we do nothing until he’s back. Kidding, haha!

In a diagram, this is our formation (maybe):


Quite unique, isn’t it?

I hope we can be together for quite a long time and grow together as Avara grows.

*) actually we talked about it but not that rigid


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